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Apr 15, 2021. Starting the process of re-purposing this site to become my main creative hub. I really want "what I'm working on" style pages that showcase massive projects I've been hibernating for years. Imagine a portfolio section of the website, for my story ideas, that are anywhere from 80 to 0 percent fan works (I have little interest in writing completely original stories). Currently, most of the site's content is still a time capsule of 2014-2016 stuff. Looking to change that.

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Oct 21, 2016. This is a website I've been making in notepad since 2011... at least a version I'm comfortable putting online. This index will have blog entries. Feel free to go away, because nothing here is polished, and plenty is overtly and covertly redacted compared to the original super secret copy that never leaves my hard drive.

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