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My favorite music albums.
I listen to recorded music alone in my room. Until 2013, I prefered speakers and privacy over headphones, since I was paranoid about needing to hear my surroundings. I never listen to music in public, because it makes me daydream too vividly to navigate the outside world, so I've never owned or desired a portable music player.

These are my favorite albums in rough order of discovery. I started refining my searches after Napster went down in the early noughties. Now I rely on YouTube and recommendations from internet peeps and spontanious curiousity.

Descent II Audio Redbook  
112_m_d2redbook.png Explanation pending...
Donkey Kong Country 2 David Wise  
112_m_dkc2.png Explanation pending...
All For You Janet Jackson  
112_m_jjacksonall4u.png Explanation pending...
The Eminem Show Marshall Mathers  
112_m_mmshow.png Explanation pending...
Reanimation Linkin Park  
112_m_reanimation.png I would listen to this album obsessively. It seemed to represent everything I liked about music in my teens, combined into one super-genre called Linkin Park. Reanimation is a huge remix of their album Hybrid Theory. My favorite track of everything they've produced is P5hng Me A*wy.
Kill Bill Vol.1 & Vol.2  
112_m_killbill.png Explanation pending...
Metroid Prime Kenji Yamamoto  
112_m_mprime.png Explanation pending...
Selected Ambient Works II Aphex Twin  
112_m_sawii.png Explanation pending...
Return To Castle Wolfenstein Bill Brown  
112_m_wolfenstein.png Explanation pending...
Chrono Trigger Yasunori Mitsuda  
112_m_chronotrigger.png Explanation pending...
Silent Hill 3 Akira Yamaoka  
112_m_sh3.png Explanation pending...
Music Has The Right To Children Boards of Canada  
112_m_mhtrtc.png Explanation pending...
Joe's Garage Frank Zappa  
112_m_joesgarage.png Explanation pending...
Paranoia Agent Susumu Hirasawa  
112_m_paranoiaagent.png Explanation pending...
Relics of the Chozo Metroid Fans/Collab  
112_m_relicsofthechozo.png Explanation pending...
The Campfire Headphase Boards of Canada  
112_m_headphase.png Explanation pending...
Lumpy Gravy Frank Zappa  
112_m_lumpygravy.png Explanation pending...
A Thousand Suns Linkin Park  
112_m_1000suns.png Explanation pending...
The Standard Model SoGreatandPowerful  
112_m_standardmodel.png Explanation pending...
Harmony of a Hunter Metroid Fans/Collab  
112_m_harmonyofahunter.png Explanation pending...
Home Gavin Castleton  
112_m_home.png Found this guy's cover of Sledgehammer and Come To Me on YouTube. I found his homepage a year and a half later, which had this album free to listen to in total with commentary. I don't listen to much pop, but this is probably the best relationship journey to break-up album I've ever heard. He's a great vocalist, and so is the singer playing his girlfriend. Favorite tracks: Warpaint, Sugar on the Sheets, Red + Blue = Yella, The Human Torch.
The Downward Spiral Nine Inch Nails  
112_m_spiral.png Reznor had been on my backburner for years before I heard a bit of Closer on the NIN wiki, recognizing it from a traumatizing PPG-abuse flash I saw in my preteens. I then recognized Mr Self Destruct from that gmod-zs train level. NIN was an artist I'd unknowingly heard in pieces and loved, but never followed up. The begining of Eraser sealed the deal; which I originally attributed to Aphex Twin for his remix of that track. The soundscape also reminds me of the Descent II OST.
Tomorrow's Harvest Boards of Canada  
112_m_harvest.png Just happened to spot the June 3rd live stream notice on my tumblr dash (30 mins too late). I "found" and listened to it in full the next day. I'd rank it Above Geogaddi, below MHTRTC, and tied with TCH. 'Nothing Is Real' is my favorite BoC track now, but I find each track worth having on repeat, except for 'Transmisiones Ferox' and 'Uritual' which are only good in the context of a full album sitting. The whole thing is very Saturn-esque. G-Get it?
Napple Tale - Illustrated Guide To The Fairies | Monsters Yoko Kanno  
112_m_nappletale.png Never played the game. I listened to Monsters many times before I even knew about Fairies months later. The album sounds like if Angelo Badalamenti composed music for a sincerely wacky medieval fantasy film, with a Japanese girl vocalist featured in a few tracks. Despite my high expectations (the composer of Cowboy Bebop) I was still blown away on first listen.
The Last Of Us Gustavo Santaolalla  
112_m_thelastofus.png I experienced the game like a movie by watching Let's Play footage, begining to end. The soundtrack stood out as exceptional and weirdly farmilair; same composer from 21 Grahms and Brokeback Mountain. Mix of meloncholy spanish melodies and ambient industrial pieces.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Shiro Sagisu  
112_m_nge.png Acquired after slow-marathon-ing the show and EoE of course. Found out it was the same guy who composed for Bleach's anime. His best work right here imo. Not sure if he had anything to do with Tumbling Down though. My favorites would be: Angel Attack, Angel Attack III, Nerv, A Moment When Tension Breaks, Thanatos, Magmadiver, Pleasure Principle, Eva-02, and Rei I.
Honorary Mentions:
  • Much Dance 1997
  • Paper Mario
  • Majora's Mask
  • Saturday People (Prozzšk)
  • Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Aphex Twin)
  • Bleach Anime
  • The Fragile (NIN)
  • Gone Girl
  • Undertale OST
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