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My favorite TV shows and films.
  I first started watching TV on purpose around 1993. By 2008 I just used the internet to watch on my own time. These are more or less listed in the order I discovered them: the shows and films that jump out of memory the most, or the cartoons I genuinely enjoyed and sought to view despite not being a kid anymore.

Pacha et Les Chats Television / 1993-1995   
148_PachaEtLesChats_series.png This is the earliest show I can remember watching aimed at kids. The english dub ran on YTV for a couple years, so as a kid, I likely learned to associate channel 25 with fun shows that were easy to follow. This was well before seperate cable boxes. The only character whos name I remembered was Charlie the dog. The setting of the show is still imprinted on my imagination. I've even dreamt being there a few times.
Jurrasic Park Film / 1993   
148_jurrasicpark_film.png The earliest movie I can remember seeing. This shaped my idea of dinosaurs, but I didn't really get that they were genetically engineered into existence until watching it much older. A lot of scenes really scared me, but one in paricular that always made me laugh out loud, even a a kid, was right after the T-Rex trashing the track jeeps--a very abrupt scene of the programmers nonchalantly delivering some expository information, well after the fat guy escapes with the whipped cream DNA. Struck me as very odd editing.
ReBoot Television / 1994-2001   
148_reboot_series.png Everything about this show was amazing, and not just "amazing for it's time" either. The writing and voice actors are a huge credit to the overall appeal. Season 1 was very comedic centred, but seasons 2 and 3 add a lot of drama and great story arcs to an already cleverly established canon: satiring pop culture through early computer terminology. When it comes right down to it, this is the best "kids" show I have listed here.
Silence of the Lambs Film / 1991   
148_silenceofthelambs_film.png I've watched this film about 5 times, years apart each time. It doesn't stop being good. Anthony Hopkins was my favorite actor at one point because of his role as Dr. Lecter. The night vision googles scene and almost everything proceeding it still scares me. The sequel was merely good, Red Dragon was almost as good, but Hannibal Rising disappointed.
Pet Cemetary Film / 1989   
148_petcemetary_film.png Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name: A todler fucking dies in this movie! Twice! Half the scenes gave me very bad nightmares! The worst scene of all was that weird hallucinatory flash the father has looking upon the rocky cliffs leading to the indian burial ground. I didn't realize it was a foreshadow of the neighbor's fate 'till I had the nerve to pause the tape a few years later. Seing this first made The Exorcist seem tame!
Titanic Film / 1997   
148_titanic_film.png This isn't here for the plot so much as other things: The scenes with the titanic sinking, because it made me cognizant of special effects allowing for things that couldn't possibly be filmed, and the actual footage of the real sunken ship flooding my imagination: the remains of old mechanation in the most remote of places. The music was good too, and this was the first time I saw breasts in a movie. Jack was a pretty good draftsman.
Patrol 03 Television / 1997   
148_patrol03_series.png I think I caught this on Teletoon a year or two before 2001, and immediately loved it. I now recognize it to be a lame derivative of Tex Avery cartoons, but none the less, have fond memories of the plots and character dynamics. This surprisingly obscure french cartoon, dubbed to english, has very little info online. I remember thinking it was really cool that the police cheif was also the main villian. Professor Molo's monsters pitted against the main trio with one of Snap's inventions was always entertaining!
Scariest Places on Earth Television / 2000-2006   
148_spoe_series.png Hosted by Linda Blair, narrated by Zelda Rubinstein, with Alan Robson as an on-site correspondent. The show structure was this: a short documentary of a haunted place with interviews, and if a two parter, then a family is sent to stay the night, completing tasks with cameras on them while Alan scares the shit out them in the safe room. So entertaining.
Pecola Television / 2001   
148_pecola_series.png The community setting and character interactions was the hook. This is a japanese CGI dubbed to english which aired on Teletoon for a while. The series creator also made the Gregory Horror Show which I watched much later. By this time I understood I could like things way outside my demographic (I was a teenager, and Pecola was for kids).
Hamtaro Television / 2002-2004   
148_hamtaro_series.png Same appeal as Pecola but with more charming characters that actually got into danger sometimes. The idea of a clubhouse, everyone having a niche, and doing voluntary good together, is a theme I really wish would be the normal state of things in real life. This is also the series that got me into reading fan fiction. Someone wrote a really great horror themed one I liked called The HamWraith. Hamtaro was my MLP-FiM-like phase before MLP-FiM.
Kill Bill Film / 2003-2004   
148_killbill_film.png My glorious introduction to Tarantino. Probably the most entertaining movie I'd ever seen up to this point. Very pleased with volume 2 and it's completely different tone from the first. All the music archived into the experience is too inspiring. Alot of people rail on the film for being unoriginal... because I guess that ruined the movie for them? Yeah, I don't get it either. Pulp Fiction is another Tarantino film I enjoyed that was unoriginal.
Bleach Television / 2002-2012   
148_bleach_series.png A friend invited me over to watch fan subbed japanese versions non-stop from episode 1 to 35 (just before Ichigo vs Zaraki). I watched up to the begining of the Arancar arc, at a much slower pace on my own, before forgetting about it until the english dub started airing on YTV. I just read the manga now, but consider the first few episode and the main fights of the Soul Society arc to be so good that I rewatch them a few times a year.
War of the Worlds Film / 2005   
148_waroftheworlds_film.png The build up to the first tripod rising from the intersection = all that needs to be said. But the most enjoyable aspect for me, overall, was the (new at the time) pedestrain camcorder style cinematography juxtaposed with completely unpedestrian +20 story tall abominations. Trying to figure out the alien antagonists on brief glimpses and ponderings inbetween the narrative was very cool before they're revealed in the farm basement scenes.
The Libertine Film / 2004   
148_thelibertine_film.png The acting in this movie was really amazing. It has Johny Depp's best performance too. I've seen it many times because my mom liked to watch it so often. Lizzie's initial resistance to Rochester's generosity, the verbal sparring leading up to them both articulating their true intentions, and finally trusting one another enough to agree to an apprentice/mentor dynamic is my favorite part of the film. The final scenes with his wife are also great.
Rear Window Film / 1954   
148_rearwindow_film.png My media arts teacher in highschool showed this to my class in 2006. My favorite scenes are when the camera is Jeff's POV, and you see the different characters from across the lot. The scene where Lisa sneaks into Thorwald's apartment is such good suspense; the great music and nightlife backdrop makes for an amazing contrast. I saw Birds on TV about a year later, and decided Hitchcock was a pioneering genius fellow.
Sin City Film / 2005   
148_sincity_film.png I knew a little about Frank Miller's comic before watching this film, which I've heard is very faithful to the original. Stylized gritty narratives are becoming a favorite genre at this point. I was in awe of the whole production really... extreme characters in the hands of a great storyteller can oddly create pretty nuanced undertones.
Paranoia Agent Television / 2004   
148_paranoiaagent_series.png Satoshi Kon is a pretty cool guy. He made polished minefuck anime and isn't afraid of anything. I'm also indirectly more thankful because his films introduced me to my now favorite composer: Susumu Hirasawa. Paranoia Agent is something I still think about from time to time. It's a very good story, and I want to understand it better than I do now... overall I really agree with the messages I think it succeeds in getting across.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Film / 2007   
148_sweeneytodd_film.png I guess I like musicals and didn't get to know it 'till it was packaged in a contemporary film. The gallows humor of the lyrics probably helped. I know it's based on an old play now, but I didn't know that upon initial viewing; it was a very spontanious decision, and I'm not that into literature. The stylized emotional violence was well done.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Television / 2010-2012   
148_mlpfim_series.png I joined the bandwagon on 4chan as season 1 was finishing. Make no mistake, the show is very charming, if a bit saccharine at times. Most of the appeal is in the writing and voice actors. As I implied above, it has most of the same elements Hamtaro won me over with, except done more intelligently. Very satisfied with season 2 ending as two parter, reminiscent of the season start episodes which I like best for actual drama.
Hobo with a Shotgun Film / 2011   
148_hobowithashotgun_film.png This is one of those "so bad it's good" movies. Everything about it is extremely cartoony, even the serious parts are shamelessly entertaining. It's also somewhat timeless, by which I mean, very 80s, which is pretty much the equivelent of timeless for me, being born in 1989. This is supposedly the director's first full length feature film. I want more.
Groundhog Day Film / 1993   
148_groundhogday_film.png Someone in a chatroom casually described this movie as "the determinist's wet dream" which got me curious. I really like the message of this film, though I can't help but notice there's no retry after commiting suicide in real life, thus it's hard to really take the theme to heart, especially since I was decidedly in favor of the right to die before watching it.
Atlas Shrugged Part I Film / 2011   
148_atlas p1_film.jpg If you did not get emotional when Taggart's train first crosses Rearden's bridge, we cannot be friends. Even if you aren't an objectivist, or hate capitalism, the story is just motivating. It gives me hope there are people worth connecting with in the world. Humans getting together and doing difficult things/art in spite of family of origin, crab bucket bullshit.
Doctor Who Television / 2005-2015   
148_DrWho_s5e5_series.png Initially blazed through season 5 in two days and loved it. Thumbnail is from season 5's Weeping Angels arc. What motivated me to look into the series was a really amazing cross-over fan fiction featuring ponies. The show is more comical than I expected, but also avoids any one genre. The sci-fi elements are used seamlessly for the best drama. I watched the seasons in this order spread throughout the years: 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9
Cloud Atlas Film / 2012   
148_cloudatlas_film.png This was a film I really admired in execution but didn't much care for in terms of message. Whenever individual accountability takes a backseat to "love the humanity blob" nonsense I tend to disengage, which didn't happen with Cloud Atlas. I also really enjoy stories with a broad tone-styles (in this case the timelines) that manage to stay united thematically.
Upstream Color Film / 2013   
148_upstreamcolor_film.png I heard about this film in an article, but watched Primer (same director) for some reason first. Unsure if I should watch again soon, or just bask in the ideas this film gave me longer. One theme in the film reminds me of the ending of Louis CK's "Oh My God" special, and I can't help but see the farmer/musician's role as an illustration of how pointless being an artist is if you're still not trying to be accountable the cost of your work.
Good Will Hunting Film / 1997   
148_goodwillhunting_film.png Well damnit. Because I agree with the moral lesson, now I feel bad about not leaving the house. I'm writing this literally minutes after watching the film. I'm still deciding on what to do with myself in the future. This story just shat on my NEETdom in more ways than one.
Psycho-Pass Series / 2012   
148_psychopass_series.png I found the Sybil System to be an excellent allegory of Statism, and have to wonder how intentionally written that was. I think the main heroin has an important thematic reason for having a consistantly healthy hue: her willingness to act on her own principles, whilst also conceding the reality of society's corruption. Also, that extreme "bystander effect" scene, about half-way through the series, made me feel sick to my stomach. 2dystopian4me
Bicentennial Man Film / 1999   
148_bicentennialman_film.png Hearing news of his death, I decided to watch a Robin Williams's film I hadn't seen yet. This one's logline sounded the most interesting...

Gone Girl Film / 2014   
148_gonegirl_film.jpg Went to see this in theaters a few days after release. It's what you might call a classic satire. It deals with media hypocracy and institutional biases around marriage. The plot twist are key to the experience, so beware of spoilers. The tone reminds me of Donnie Darko, minus the supernatural elements, plus more shocking violent subtext.
Interstellar Film / 2014   
148_interstellar_film.jpg Just "watch" it.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Series / 1995   
148_neeva_series.png Heard years worth of praise for the series before diving in. Every element of it worked together to tell a fantastic story, though the character's themselves were not as relatable as it's cult following promised. I don't hate Shinji, but don't think he ever 'chose' to get into the robot. Few character felt like their choices were their own, and I feel this made Shinji's EoE decision somewhat hollow. Though real, The Seed of Knowledge is pointless and expensive.
There Will Be Blood Film / 2007   
148_therewillbeblood.png "Don't BULLY me Daniel!!"
Requiem For A Dream Film / 2000   
148_rfad_film.png Imagine if Gabor Mate made Jacob's Ladder.
Solaris Film / 1972   
148_solaris1972_film.jpg Slow to start. Primarily a redemption story dealing with alienation and other spooky shit fam. Silent Hill 2 was definitely inspired by this film.
Honorary Mentions:
  • The Mask
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Super Mario Bros Super Show
  • The X-Files (Series + Films)
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Captian Star
  • Ren & Stimpy
  • Animal Crackers
  • Cold Case Files
  • Thir13en Ghosts
  • Se7en
  • Digimon (Season 1+2)
  • Red Dragon
  • Inuyasha (Season 1+2)
  • Undergrads
  • AI (Kubrickberg)
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • A History of Violence
  • Elephant Man
  • Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law
  • House MD
  • Donnie Darko
  • K-PAX
  • Dexter
  • Wolf's Rain
  • Twin Peaks
  • Tokyo Godfathers
  • Black Swan
  • Berserk
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • PWaaMLPfim
  • Falling Down
  • Melancholia
  • Instinct (1999)
  • Gran Torino
  • Suicide Room
  • Madoka Magica
  • Attack On Titan
  • The Walking Dead
  • Her (2013 Spike Jonze)
  • True Detective S1
  • Hannibal (Series)
  • The Sea Inside
  • Chronicle (2012)
  • Repulsion (1965)
  • Rampage (2009)
  • Zodiac (2007)
  • The Master (2009)
  • Die Hard (1988)
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