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Volunteering To Garden (Sept 2011)

I'm learning at Dufferin Grove Park. I want to grow and prepare as much of my own food as possible. It seems like the widest good I can be doing in light of the shitty economy, increasing police state conditions, and my lack of professional skills. It's more valuable than taking some half-assed college course; the resume reference looks altruistic in case of emergency, and I have a better chance making friends in a meaningful context besides having been scheduled to sit in the same room at the same time.

In fact, a new friend I met volunteering is bringing the importance of public space to my attention. Non-private space seems to be a fundmental precursor for a healthy community which can start decentralizing power and solving complex social problems without the coercion. This is also a meta-reflection that looking for a community on purpose will lead you to participating in life with the right people.